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Senior Information Security Specialist

Selection of Recent Projects


Software to automatically analyze crashes and determine their security impact.

Browser Security Whitepaper

Whitepaper collecting all relevant information on the security of a number of different web browsers.

Recent Work History

Owner of SkyLined Security

Company: SkyLined Security
Location: Work from home in the Netherlands
Period: 2011-2018
Position: Owner

Google Chrome Security Team Founder

Company: Google
Location: Work from home in the Netherlands
Period: 2008-2011
Position: Senior Software Security Engineer

Security Windows Initiative Attack Team member

Company: Microsoft
Location: Work from home in the United Kingdom
Period: 2005-2008
Position: Security Software Engineer

Skills and Experience

Key skills

Historically Notable Publications

A small selection of contributions to the information security community that have not been mentioned above:

Spoken languages

Dutch - native
English - Fluent
German - Proficient
French - Basic